I think it snows everyday

I'm pretty sure Wisconsin knows when it would be least convenient to have a dusting of snow and then makes sure we have snow on that day. On the days where we'd love some snow, not a flake to be had. Same with the BITTER cold.

Example 1: My brother and his wife were up last weekend to visit with their 4 kids. We would have LOVED to have a ton of snow. It HAD been snowing nearly everyday up to that point. However, the week before the were supposed to come up and enjoy some winter bliss. It warmed up into the 30's and the snow melted. Then the day they hit the road we got 4 inches. 4 inches was nice, but it made their travel dangerous and they hadn't really planned on having snow, so we were all unprepared when it finally got here. The temperature also dropped into the teens and single digits which made being outside nearly impossible. Then, the day they left, it warmed up and was sunny. A PERFECT day to be outside in the new 4 inches of snow.

Example 2: Figuring the snow was all over and it was warming up for a while, I decide to blow some of the salt off my car and run through the car wash on my way home from work. It's cloudy but no snow in the forecast. I pull out of the carwash and head toward home. Snow. Overnight, 1 inch of snow. Plows were out salting all the roads this morning.

Example 3: Again, no snow in the forecast. Jenny plans on driving into town on a Tuesday do run some errands. 5 inches of snow that day.

So, I love the snow, I'm not really complaining about the snow in general. I just want to know how IT knows when I have plans and screws them up.