Getting caught up

So other then my little green bean article, I've been pretty bad about keeping this updated. So I'm going to get you all caught up to this point. Ready? GO!

Work, work,...let's see work and more work. Jenny was subbing 2nd semester in the same school district I work in. She also started working with the Marathon County Historical Society in their museum. Good stuff. Overall the summer has been crazy busy. We've been house shopping all summer and dealing with banks, and realtors, and contractors and...BLAH SOOO glad that's over. What? Oh yeah, we're pretty sure we have a house at the end of the month. Offers have been accepted, inspection has been done, there's a few details to work out, but we're hoping for closing at the end of the month. Once we get moved in and setup I'll start posting pictures and send out the address to everyone. There's still a chance this could fall through, so I don't want to get too excited.... but I am anyway. SUPER excited. Beyond that, we've make several trips to Illinois to visit my family, and several trips to Milwaukee to hang out with Jenny's sister. Good times. From this point forward we're just focused on school starting (for both of us at work) and getting moved into this house. I've added a few new photo galleries from some races Jenny did this summer and some other random fun stuff we did. So, enjoy.

Next update should be all about the house...