Living in the north woods Day 15

Day 15: February 1, 2012

Today my parents are coming, they are stopping by on their way home from the dr visit. I quickly clean up the house and wash the dogs and do some laundry. I then bake a batch of cupcakes as a trial for my nieces birthday next week. As they cool, they show up. My dad takes off for town to fill another prescription for my mother and pick up some dairy products for us. I spend the afternoon deciphering my mothers conversations. Every time she got frustrated with me she would say, “you’ll have to ask dad, he can explain it better.” What a way out, don’t try and think for yourself and understand it, just have someone do it for you, that way when it doesn’t work out the way you want it to, you have everyone to blame but yourself. This is a behavior I am consciously trying to fight and hoping is not inherited, although it seems to be common with people from her generation, I have run into this type of behavior often.
We all sat down to a homemade lasagna and tried out the cupcakes. The lasagna was a hit with everyone but my mother and the cupcakes, did not really get rave reviews, guess I’ll keep working on that one.