Living in the north woods Day 12

Day 12: January 29, 2012

It is cold outside! So cold, but we have to drive into town and dig around the storage to find a few things including green scrubbies for dishes, vacuum cleaner bags and hopefully a computer. We finally get ourselves going after some homemade waffles, drive to Sears to begin our little trip. We are looking to replace my parents large freezer in the basement, it is small and inexpensive considering all they have done for us the last few months. We find one and continue looking around the store. After checking out the air compressors, vacuum cleaners, and dishwashers we head over to the local discount sports store. Brian needs a brush for cleaning is .22 and some more ammunition. I spend my time checking out everything else in the store! I have literally looked at each item before making my way over to the counter where he is now looking at new guns. I know he has not intention of buying one, but I understand it is fun to look, I feel that way about clothes, shoes, and houses.
As we pull into the storage parking lot we realize we have not paid this months rent yet. We nervously open the door and breath a sigh of relief as we look over our jumble of things. I wait in the car until the door is open since it is sooooo cold and windy I don’t want to be out there any longer than I need to. I run into the shed, which is not any warmer than outside, but at least there is not wind and begin digging around for a grey garbage can. I know loaded it with cleaning supplies as we piled it on the truck. I found it at the very back wall of the storage garage. I had to climb unto the tv cabinet and move a storage rack and then balance on one foot while I held onto the wall and reach down without slipping to gain the scrubbies and vacuum cleaner bags, and I managed to do it all without falling, which for me is a miracle. Really, it is, Brian likes to walk in front of me and stop abruptly so I run into him because I have no balance, reflexes or coordination. We were unable to reach the computer, which was a disappointment since it had my workouts recorded on it. I will have to find some other way to stay in shape I guess.
Our last stop was one of the local hardware stores where we needed to get some switch plate covers and a saw blade, for manly things in the garage. I was not that excited about the stop but as soon as I entered the store I found a great bargain, organic cereal for $1.75 a box. I grabbed three! I then walked around the showers and sink isles. I didn’t realize how interested I was until I started using the miniature sized ones here. Before we left I remembered the drying racks being marked down in the flyer and picked one up. Instead of the saw blade we bought a new saw, which I guess is about the same.
Once we returned home I was going to try some new ideas in the craft room, but Brian said he wanted to “do something together” which as it turns out was assemble the new welding table so he could show me how he welds. I thought how sweet he wants to do something together, but in the freezing cold garage. Even though it had a fire going and I was wearing my winter parka I was still unable to use my fingers and stop shivering. Eventually we got to the welding, I have to say it was pretty cool.