Living in the north woods Day 11

Day 11: January 28, 2012

Today we are going to drive 80 miles to view some manufactured homes. They are all the rage here, and supposedly reasonably priced. Brian called earlier in the week and was told the owner would be at the office and could answer questions from 10-2. We took our time getting up and making waffles. We took the dogs for a walk in the woods and I filled the bird feeders. Then we headed off for the 80 mile drive. It wasn’t bad until we passed what has to be the foulest paper mill smell, that has ever entered my nose! I have smelled a lot of paper mills, but this one was the worst, mix that with an upset stomach from too many waffles and it is not a good time. We finally make it to the manufactured home dealer and pull into the driveway. My parents have called so we finish our conversation and step outside, the wind is blowing and it has to be below zero! We run up to the door and it is locked. I have just seen a group of people walk around the models so we circle the building and the people are gone, but we try the doors, they are also locked. I head back to the car. Brian takes his time and he has the keys. He finally unlocks it and holds his door open letting the subarctic air blow through the car. I am freezing! I ask him to start the car and turn on the heat and he thinks I’m crazy. After sitting in the parking lot for 45 minutes we decide to follow the other cars out.
We have a few stops to make on the way home. We head to a grocery store, in a larger city this time and hope to get everything on the list.
That was too much to hope for. Here we are in the largest city for 80 miles and we cannot find pancetta or anything organic or fresh cilantro. How can it be I can buy almost all of these things in my own small town close by, but not in the largest CITY closest to me? I was frustrated and according to my husband snobby as I walked around the store. Another thing I found frustrating was buying frozen spinach, they all had some kind of sauce on it. Why? Can’t people around here enjoy food for its flavor? I guess not considering the poor selection of produce I encountered the other day at the grocery store near by.