Living in the north woods Day 10

Day 10: January 27, 2012

I was hoping to have my vacuum cleaner today so I could clean the floors, but I couldn’t get the storage shed to open when I was in town yesterday, so I will have to continue my reorganizing. I finish up the laundry room/bathroom. These combinations are very popular here. You put a washer and drying in a very large room and then say, this is a waste of space! We need to fill it up, how about a sink? Still too much space leftover, how about a toilet? Still too much space, how about a stand up shower or bathtub? Just right!
Since the only other shower makes us feel like we are living in our RV, I decided to change the bathtub in the laundry room from storage to a bathtub. I cleaned it out and moved all our shower supplies in. I then found two hooks and hung them up on the wall for our towels and even found our scale. It is almost like home, except there is a washer and dryer right next to you when you get out, along with the vacuum cleaner and steamer. I tried out the shower, and who knew you could feel claustrophobic in a shower? It has to be a mini-shower model! I put my hands on my head and I run into the walls. I also have to move around under the shower head to catch the drips of water that come out. A normal shower took a very, very long time, maybe this was not such a great idea.
As I was cleaning today I was running out of space to pile garbage so I stacked it on the front porch, a little bit like white trash, I know, but I didn’t leave it out there for years, by the end of the afternoon it was all in the shed waiting to go to the dump. That’s right, the dump! We do not have trash pick-up on this side of the street, so twice a week we can take trash to the dump. I asked about the hours, and they are from sun up to sun down. Really, that’s what I was told, like we are living in the 1800’s here.
As I was eating lunch today, I saw a cat sauntering up the driveway, it was taking its time and hanging out near the shed. After a few minutes I sent the dogs after it. Sam ran outside saw the cat, and belly flopped in the snow, we still have the indentation, and ran the cat into the woods and then continued to follow it. I called him back and we haven’t seen the cat since.