Living in the north woods Day 9

Day 9: January 26, 2012

I once again have to go into town to have my TB test read. I was there two days ago in the afternoon, so I am supposed to go back today in the afternoon, but I got a text last night letting me know my parents were stopping by this afternoon. So I run into town during the late morning, hoping to be back shortly after they arrive. I head straight to the post office and find my new library card. I have to try this baby out! So I head two blocks down the road to the library. I am looking for a yoga dvd, since I am missing my yoga classes. I find exactly 5 workout dvds. Once again, may this have something to do with the obesity rate around here? One was for bellydancing, I tried that once in the privacy of my living room. I thought I was doing well, but I looked at my dog who was giving me the look, like what are you doing? I haven’t done it since. I then had 3 pilates dvd’s which I love doing, but they were all prenatal or postnatal. I then find the yoga dvds, prenatal, postnatal, and yoga for the rest of us. I thought I guess that’s me. I go up to check it out and am told it is due back in a week. That’s pretty normal, but then I’m told if I want to renew, just call them. Who has heard of that, just call? I guess there is a way to renew on their website, but is a mess every time I go on that thing. I then have to walk through the detector and I am handed my dvd. I guess they cannot turn off the device that goes off with the detector. I haven’t had to do this in about 8 years when I last rented a movie at a store.
While I am there, I get a text from my parents, they are not coming after all. So now I could have tried out the pool, but I didn’t bring anything with me. I get another text from Brian, he wants to meet for lunch. So back to the café for lunch, which again, it is Thursday so we have chips and salsa on the table. I decide to try the oriental chicken salad. It turns out to be absolutely tasteless because they have run out of oriental dressing. I was given the choices of thousand Island, ranch, or blue cheese. I asked if they had a vinaigrette, they said yes, but turns out it was only olive oil. Absolutely awful! Now I’m going to have to make this myself at home.
I pick up some raw honey, hoping it will curb some of my allergies this spring.