Living in the north woods Day 8

Day 8: January 25, 2012

Another stay at home day, but it snowed again, so it was nice and cloudy, in fact I checked the weather site and we are not supposed to see the sun again for the next 10 days, how depressing. Even though, the dogs and I went out for our morning walk and enjoyed the outdoors. As we were walking up a hill I saw large brown heads bobbing at the top, it took me a minute to realize they were turkeys! Real wild turkeys. I saw them about the same time the dogs saw them and they took off, I had to stop them before they had gone too far. The turkeys realized they were being chased by 21 pounds of dogs and ran off. Around that time behind us anther flock of turkeys flew up into some trees, who knew turkeys could fly?
Once back inside I decided to figure out why my online subbing application was not working. I get logged into the site and realize I need to submit the form. Once I pressed the submit button, I got a red error line saying I needed to fill in my personal statement. I thought, really to be a sub I need a personal statement? Ok, so I went and filled in the box, made my way back to the submit button and pressed it again, once again red lines of text saying I need to fill in 12 more questions. Now each time I navigate from page to page I have to wait a few minutes for my internet to let me move on. At this point I have probably spent close to 30 minutes getting this far. I go to the 12 question page and start answering, they do not want long detailed answers so I was flying through. I was on question 6 before I realized I should be submitting each individual answer. No problem, I thought and I go back up to number 1 and hit submit, wait for a day or two and the page comes back with all the answers empty except for number 1. I yell out in frustration, grit my teeth and begin answering each individual question again this time saving after each one. I also realized while waiting forever for each page to load, there was an instruction in red telling me to save each answer individually. Oops! I finally finish the 12 questions and submit again, this time I get a new page saying the city wants me to answer an additional 5 questions. So here I go again. After a couple of hours I now have successfully submitted 17 answers and a personal statement along with all the other pertinent information. I no longer think it is worth it to sub in this town. I have spent hours filling out forms, answering questions and driving around town getting a TB test all so I can make less than $80 a day before taxes!
Inside I spent some time cleaning and reorganizing the coats, bathroom cabinets and under the kitchen sink. I also organized the mess we had in the basement. When we arrived a week ago we just threw our stuff down there and pulled out what we needed, but it was impossible to move around so I organized the large boxes, I left the small paperwork boxes for later. I also found our receipts for the last year and began organized them for taxes. I have no idea how we are going to get our taxes done, but at least we will have organized receipts.