Living in the north woods Day 7

Day 7: January 24, 2012

Yesterday I spent time looking up some possible places of employment and volunteer time. I have applied, only took 20 minutes due to slow internet, and now I am awaiting a response.
I am really beginning to hate weather! My head feels like it is filled with sand and I can’t keep my eyes open. It doesn’t seem to matter how much decongestant I take it will not leave.
So as I was getting ready to head to town for my TB test and to run some errands my parents texted me and asked to meet for lunch at the local pizza buffet, I accepted. I ran through the shower and headed to town. I had been planning on stopping at the local pool and trying it out, but not today I guess.
I arrived at the post office and found our three other packages had arrived so, I took the first one out the double set of doors and down the precarious steps across the street, through the slush to my car, I then balanced it on one leg while I got out my car keys and opened the trunk and shoved the box in. As I was crossing the street back to the post office the nice lady (I know it seems strange I’m calling a post office person nice) came out the door and offered to take the boxes to the loading dock and I could pick them up there, which I immediately agreed to while looking down the street and seeing a car come straight at me, I then jumped into my car and circled the building and picked up the rest of my boxes. I finally have all my stuff in the same state! Maybe not in the same location, but at least in the same state.
Lunch was surprisingly tasty with a salad bar and a pizza bar, I also got to see my uncle and discuss the local gossip about the drug arrests throughout the school district. I guess things get boring around here, we already know they don’t pay well and people have to make it up somewhere. Suposedly, a number of teachers including the football coach and a couple of principals were part of a drug ring that started with cocaine and worked its way down to marijuana. According to the paper, the arrests are not over yet. I’m secretly hoping a history teacher might be arrested and I could fill in for the semester and get paid less than $80 a day.
While I was out, I got a phone call from the central office and was told my online application was not coming through and I needed to go in and fix it. I was surprised because I thought I had filled out all I needed for subbing. I guess I’ll have to look into it.
Errands were pretty uneventful, I drove all over town for my TB test, which I don’t remember hurting so much, in fact it will take over a week for the bruise to go away. I remember 10 years ago when I had one, they couldn’t even find the site when I went back two days later.
I visited the library for the first time. It is a small building, but I expected that being a small town. What I didn’t expect was the library was only a quarter of the building, the rest were meeting rooms. So I walked in and explained I was new to the area and needed to sign up for a card. I was given a form and a pencil, which I thought was strange, who uses pencil to fill out a form? I began to fill it out and realized I needed my home address, not my po box address. I explained the situation and they said don’t you have a power bill or gas bill? My thought was if I did they would have the po box address on them! They explained if I do not have a bill proving my residency I would have to wait and have the card mailed to me before I could check anything out. It took me a minute to realize I would still get a card I would just have to wait 24 hours and it would be mailed to the po box, not my house. So why do I need to prove my residency with a bill? Whatever, I kept filling out my form in pencil. I get to the back and I sign twice, again with a pencil. I may have to take a collection so they can buy some ink pens at the library.