Living in the north woods Day 6

Day 6: January 23, 2012

Woke up to snow falling this morning. Once it started to slow down the dogs and I went for a walk in the woods, it sure was beautiful right after it snowed and quiet! You could hear each of us stepping. I was a little more careful with the dogs since Brian told me last night the wolves and foxes are mating right now. Normally Sam loves to run off in the trees so you can’t see him, but I wouldn’t let him today. He could be a snack for a hungry wolf.
Snowed all day today, pretty to see the snow, but the gray clouds really mess with your head. Physically and mentally. Brian took over an hour to plow the driveway and the snow is really starting to pile up. I spent most of the day endulging in some reality tv and doing small jobs around the house. I found my iron and ironed all of Brian’s pants so he doesn’t look so ragedy at work. I went through every piece of paper I have trying to find a few forms from Faith, and couldn’t so I’m hoping they are in the boxes we mailed.
I think I my body is starting to rebel. It only took six days and it is saying too much cheese, fried food, alcohol and not enough exercise. I haven’t been able to eat much all day without a stomach ache. I did some weights to help build up some muscle, but all I feel is sore. I’m sure I’ll feel the lazy day remorse tomorrow.