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Getting caught up

So other then my little green bean article, I've been pretty bad about keeping this updated. So I'm going to get you all caught up to this point. Ready? GO!

Spectacular Morning/Day in Wisconsin

I just wanted to share with everyone how awesome this day is so far weather-wise. Nice, and sunny. It rained a bit early this morning leaving that awesome post-rain smell. Snow is mostly melted. Perfect morning for homemade German pancakes, bacon (cooked outside) and coffee. Looking forward to the rest of the day.

Finally the weekend.

The plan this weekend is to get into the woods and cut, split and stack all the downed trees. Many of the trees were taken down when my father-in-law cut some new trails this fall, but most of them came down in one of the first snow storms we had back in November. I've been fighting a heck of a chest cold this week, so I might not be as energetic as I'd normally be. I'm just waiting for the meds to start working, then I'm out the door.

I think it snows everyday

I'm pretty sure Wisconsin knows when it would be least convenient to have a dusting of snow and then makes sure we have snow on that day. On the days where we'd love some snow, not a flake to be had. Same with the BITTER cold.

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